Budgeting for everything you do is one way of ensuring you have your finances in order. Many people mostly overlook the importance of budgeting to buy furniture. Failure to do that could result in overspending, which you cannot afford to do. Budgeting for furniture doesn’t mean compromising your comfort to save money. No. It is merely about making the right choices of furniture at budget-friendly prices. When you are on a budget, you will be more careful in the types of furniture you choose and the value it gives you. Below are the tips on how to buy furniture on a budget.

Know what furniture pieces you need to replace

Determining why you need to replace or update an existing piece of furniture is essential. For instance, deciding to replace your bedroom furniture because you don’t like its design is okay. However, that may not be a wise decision if your kitchen table is almost falling apart. Ideally, start with what is in worse condition heading on to the least wanting pieces. You can write out a list and include a reason for replacing each. That way, you can prioritize and make wise decisions.

Be on the lookout for flash sales and discounts.

Outsourcing your furniture online allows you to benefit from huge discounts, flash sales, and even shopping coupons. If you want to save more on buying furniture, keep an eye on such offers. Many furniture stores always advertise their discounted sales, but you can also look out for price reductions during some seasons. Apart from the general sale, it is also possible to qualify for other discounts such as free pieces to add to your collection. That way, you can get brand new furniture for less than you expected.

Compare prices

If you want to buy furniture on a budget, research, and compare prices. Do not just settle for the first furniture store you come across. Go on to the next, and you may find a better deal. If moving around physical stores comparing prices is not your thing, online furniture stores are a good option for you. You only need to click through pages at the comfort of your home and find the best furniture deals. However, do not compromise the style or quality of furniture. It is better to buy what you want than settling for something else at a lower price.

Buy furniture pieces separately.

Buying a full set of furniture comes with its advantages but do you need every piece of furniture in the collection? If you can get discounted prices on each piece, the better. For instance, you can outsource a discounted coffee table from one store and find chairs in another store. You can buy furniture pieces separately and still maintain functionality and cohesive decor.

Spruce your furniture up

Your furniture set may not be pricey, but you can spruce it up to make it look sophisticated. Accessories such as beautiful throw pillows or covers will instantly make a difference than going out there and spending too much on expensive furniture. For instance, a black sofa may be dull, but you can spruce it up with white and colored throw pillows to give it a spicy look.

The conclusion

Before you shop, budgeting is always important. Use the tips mentioned above to outsource your furniture on a budget.


The Equity Linked Saving Scheme or ELSS will no longer provide tax-free yields. What should investors do?

The Equity Linked Saving Scheme or ELSS will no longer provide tax-free yields. If the budget proposal proposes to impose a 10% tax on long-term capital gains of more than Rs 1 lakh, the tax-saving mutual fund will attract a 10% LTCG redemption tax. Should investors continue to bank on tax-saving schemes, or should they have better options?

LTCG tax of 10 percent came into effect from April 1, 2018. It means that the profit of more than Rs 1 lakh is taxed on the sale of these schemes kept for more than one year. If you are worried about paying taxes for a substantial portion of your future profits, then you do not have to worry about that.

Despite LTCG’s slap, ELSS is still, according to expert views, one of the largest retail investor wealth generators in the MF category. We are going to inform you that why ELSS can be the best tax saving option for you to pay LTCG tax.

ELSS Still the Best Option for Retail Investors – As a retail investor, ELSS can be the best tax saving option to invest small amounts regularly that accumulates an excellent return over time. Using Section 80C for tax savings and keeping your investment closed for three years not only generates money but also guarantees that you do not have access to your money during your tenure.

The three-year term is not binding as a public provident fund or savings deposit, which requires pledges of 5 and 15 years, respectively. You can invest up to Rs 1.5 lakh under this section and deduct your taxable income amount.

Flexibility in ELSS – ELSS is better than ULIP for investors who prefer more flexibility in their investment. Under ELSS, if the scheme does not perform as expected, you have the option of changing your plans or moving to another fund. While investing in ULIPs, It is not the case when investing in ULIPs. You can only convert to a different fund offered by ULIPs.

Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, ELSS or tax-saving mutual funds qualify for a tax deduction. A person can invest in ELSS and can claim tax deduction up to a maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh in a financial year. However, many investors were primed for ELSS primarily because they received a tax-free yield after a lock-in period of three years. The tax-free situation will change soon.

Although long-term capital gains tax is negative for ELSS, according to mutual fund advisors, investors should avoid any knee jerk reaction. They remind investors that ELSS still has the shortest lock-in period available under the Section 80C basket among many tax-saving investment options.

They can provide better post-tax returns than other options available under Section 80C. The ELSS has the potential to deliver double-digit returns over the long term, while the safest options available under Section 80C mostly provide single-digit returns.

Note: In the last three years, the ELSS category provided 12.90% yields, 19.19% over the previous five years.


Is 2019 the Right Year to Invest in Property?

Following months of slowdown following demonetisation, the Indian real estate sector is back on a growth trajectory. According to CBRE, housing sales are expected to gain momentum this year with 200 million square feet of space being added across all segments. If you are looking forward to investing in a property, this is the year to do so because of the following reasons:

  1. Easy availability of home loans

Thanks to multiple housing finance firms along with non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), availing home loans is a hassle-free affair today. Also, credit-linked subsidy scheme available under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) aids you in availing home loans at a subsidised rate.

With several lenders, you have the luxury to choose to negotiate and zero-in on the lender who offers you the best possible rates at favourable terms and conditions.

  1. A gamut of choices

When it comes to investing in a property, buyers look for options. Today, they have plenty. Right from affordable housing to luxury projects such as Sunteck City Goregaon, there is ample to choose from. Depending on your budget, needs and preferences, you can invest in the property of your choice.

There are many portals which list properties based on several parameters, such as location, price, amenities, etc. You can use these portals to zero in on the property you wish to invest in. Be it a property in Mumbai or anywhere else, everything is available at your fingertips.

  1. Better financial checks in place

In the past, the lack of proper financial checks led to over-gearing. Also, there have been cases of developers delaying possession. However, with the establishment of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), these bottlenecks have been addressed to a great extent.

Today, as a buyer, you get a holistic picture of the development of any project through RERA, which aims to protect your interest.

  1. Reduction in GST rates

Reduction in GST rates on under-construction property along with affordable housing is another reason to cheer about for homebuyers. Note that GST Council had slashed GST rate on under-construction housing property from 12% to 5% and that of affordable housing from 8% to 1%.

From a buyer’s perspective, the reduction will bring down the cost of home-buying to some extent and help you make significant savings in the long run.

Home Loans from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited give you the funds to invest in your dream property. Be it a 1BHK flats in Mumbai, along with funds you also get in-person assistance for site visit and documentation.


A complete guide for investment in ELSS

Investment in various segments can help one get a sound portfolio over a period which can make him achieve all of his financial goals easily. Those who have a huge income and fall in the tax bracket always think of the instruments that can help them save on the front of tax. People prefer to invest in land, gold, stocks, mutual funds and own business which can help them to earn better return at the decided period. However, all these instruments or segments have different pros and cons which one must check before investing.

In the case of gold, one can fetch a good return after a few years of purchase and also have sound liquidity, but it is not a good tool for the short run. In the long term, it can help, but on the other hand, the risk factors of stealing and damage to the metal are also there which one must not ignore. It cannot help to save tax also.


The ELSS is an option where one can invest money in the mutual fund and earn a good return. It also helps one to save tax as the money is blocked for a certain period. The return in a direct mutual fund app for a considerable period is good in majority cases, and hence one can also expect a good return on the invested amount after a certain period. However, it is a close-ended option, and hence once the form is filled and money is invested one cannot redeem it till the provided period, and that is why the tax benefit on the same is offered to the investor.

It is known as an equity-linked saving scheme where the amount is invested in units, and one can track the price of the same on the site of the concerned company. The question of how to invest in ELSS is quite obvious among those who love to fetch good return with saving on tax.

The option:

Investing in a mutual fund is much simple. One needs to check the options first and decide to go for a particular option. Almost every MF company has ELSS on its products list, and therefore one needs to choose it prudently. The rate of return is the most important tool to measure the growth of the money invested. Other than the rate of return there are also options such as growth and dividend which must be checked.

Important points:

There are some important points that need to be checked before investing in ELSS. Though every company discloses the ELSS after approval from the authorities only, one needs to verify the same on the official site of the company with its registration number. Comparison among various ELSS options from different companies can help one choose the right option easily. One can also check the dividend as well as growth option of each of the players in the market with their AUM which can help one have a clear picture. Usually, the period for withdrawal of the invested amount is 3 to 5 years that one needs to check before investing.


How To Determine Your Investment Portfolio With Linda O Foster

There is a saying that you should not place all your eggs in one basket. This is true especially when it comes to saving and investments. When you place all your savings in one investment, there is a risk of you losing all of them as well as your returns on investment. This is the reason why for the purpose of retirement and long term planning, you must go in for wise asset allocation.

Investment experts like Linda O Foster in Washington state that there are certain factors that you should take into consideration when it comes to asset allocation. The first factor is your age. This means that if you are young, you are able to take more risks over someone who is close to retirement age. Your risk tolerance is also measured. This indicates that you should incur any losses at a time they should be recuperated. You should also determine whether your assets would grow or produce income.

Linda O Foster is en experienced and skilled financial planner with more than 20 years of professional experience in investments and financial planning. She helps both individuals and businesses with sound investment schemes and financial planning for their future needs. When you meet her for the first time, she will patiently listen to your goals and expectations. It is important for you to always have an investment plan that ideally suits and matches your needs. You should take your individual profile into consideration and never blindly follow friends and relatives.

If you are wise you will invest in the wise services of a skilled investment planner like Linda O Foster. She will guide you through the whole investment process after she takes into account your investment portfolio. If you are a first-time investment planner, she will guide you at every step. She will show you profitable means and plans via which you are able to make your investments and income grow with success.

Linda says that when you are planning for the future, it is important for you to know what your expenses are. It is obvious that you will be saving for retirement. This is why before she suggests a plan for you, she will take into consideration all your costs and expenses first. She always says that preparing and working on a budget is very important.

Linda O Foster suggests that with the passage of time, you should always reassess your portfolio. You may find that your income and fiscal responsibilities may have changed. It is indeed a very good idea for you to reassess your financial position and make the required changes wherever possible. This will also help you to reduce or increase the amount of savings that you make on a regular basis.

Last but not the least, Linda suggests that if you are married, you should also consider your spouse and begin joint savings. This will help cover not only your personal expenses but those of your spouse as well!


Tips to get venture capital for business

The entrepreneurs are initiators, they are bold and risk takers with a pragmatic take on situations, and hence they are perfectly suited to start a business. The entrepreneurial skills extend to realistic idea generation, analysing its feasibility and also getting the funding for the same by pitching the right venture capitalists. The more differentiated and unique the product or service idea conception, the more easy it becomes to get financing for the same. Getting venture capital is not easy unless some smart steps are followed and the person has proper negotiation and business quotient to get the dream come true.

The criteria’s looked for by angel investors

The venture capitalists are angel investors who invest and own a stake in the equity of a start-up company after smelling profit potential in the entrepreneur’s idea, and also generating confidence in potential of entrepreneur to sail of the business idea into reality. These are unlike loans where the interest and principle is repaid in instalments. However, it is a risky affair as the repayment of the venture capital resides in the future profitability and growth of the business. Presenting the business proposal to the venture capital is the primary requirement.

This includes a detailed lists of items of interest to the venture capitalists like detailed business description, SWOT analysis, competitiveness analysis, marketing and advertising plans, operational flow and investments requirement, financial budgeting and projections, growth forecasting, any future plans for IPO as also exit plans if things don’t work out as planned. All the business analysis must be done beforehand and a full-proof plan stands a better chance to achieve funding.

Some tactics to get easy venture capital

Good networking can help find good venture capitalists who can provide the required seed capital for the start-up. Also, nowadays there venture capital forums where a number of them can be pitched for the best deals. The best possibility to get capital from venture capitalist is when there is a full proof business plan, besides the entrepreneur and his team must be competitive and also have good negotiation skills. Pitching the right venture capitalists is important as many venture capital firms may not be interested in funding certain project ideas. Cold calling is a big no-no as there are many people who call the venture capitalists daily and dealt with the business start-up information which gets a lower attention and sometimes outright rejection.

Instead, the entrepreneur must personally visit the firm after taking appointment over the phone which can prevent such misfortunes and can easily drive the attention of the capitalists in the project. It is necessary to build friendly relations with the venture capitalists too. Also, professionalism and confidence can help crack the deal faster.

Attractive Websites for the start-up company with the right sections for products and services, contact address, presentations for the idea concoction and delivery framework for the targeting the right audience can get a higher favourableness in terms of fetching interest and also the coveted seed capital. The business capital requirements must be made clear verbally and accordingly the offers given by the venture capitalists can be negotiated before closing the deal.


Four Key Benefits of Penny Stock Investings

Penny stock investing is a great way to get started in the stock market as it appeals to the beginners. Many individuals are of the opinion that penny stocks are risky. This is because some fraudulent companies do sell such stocks. Although there are certain dangers, benefits that this kind of stock brings for the investor can be many. The investor has to know certain rules of penny stock trading, and it would work wonders. Following are some of its key benefits:

  • Easier to buy: There are listings of such stocks in all the stock exchanges, and are commonly offered for sale to the public. Prospective investors have to choose one from a list of these stocks. A penny stock has to be of a reliable company, in order to prevent risks of losing money. There are many companies that sell their shares without getting into business.
  • Have low prices: A penny stock is sold at a price of $3 per share at times. First time investors can buy such shares without taking too many risks by investing big amounts. They can use them to understand the workings of stock market without risking thousands of dollars. Drop in prices would not worry them much as there are no great losses involved.
  • Risk-free investment: Potential investors do not have to invest lots of dollars to study the workings of stock market. Since penny stocks are sold at low prices, the losses incurred would not be big ones. An amount of money that an investor can afford to lose must certainly be used to buy such stocks. The experience that they offer to investors can be valuable for trading in much bigger stocks later on.
  • Possibility of buying more shares: An investor can purchase more shares owing to the lower prices of such stocks. Purchasing more than one kind of stock can result in making some extra cash with the brilliant performance of certain stocks that have been bought. The investor can spend some time studying a particular company before buying such stocks and increase the chances of making profits.

While anyone can invest in shares of big companies, the smaller stocks can carry a great potential for returns. Such stocks are often underestimated by people, and they run the risk of losing huge amounts of money by investing in bigger stocks. The ones who are gradually realizing the benefits of a penny stock are already investing in such stocks and reaping the benefits.

Author Bio: The author is an expert in penny stocks and has gathered considerable knowledge on the topic of penny stock trading over the years. This motivated him to start his own blog through which he shares his knowledge on the subject.


Save With The Experts

In today’s economic environment, savings in the first step you should take towards achieving economic security. You can save by keeping aside a small proportion of your earnings on a regular basis for future needs. As this amount accumulates with time, you can earn extra income on this sum by investing it in specified investments. While there is no age limit to begin saving money and planning your investments, the sooner you start the better. Moreover, it is never too late to start saving. However, for people who are new to the financial markets finding the appropriate investment scheme can be an intimidating task. In this endeavor, you need the assistance of a competent financial expert to guide you on your investment options.

If you are living in Chicago Illinois, you should not hesitate to visit the investment experts at Fred B BarbaraInvestments. The people of the region place their trust on competent financial experts of this reputed company to handle their investments. The company has helped people from all occupations enhance their net wealth by managing their investment portfolio. These financial experts advises its clients on the ideal investment schemes to put their money in to get optimum returns. This goes a long way in increasing their net wealth and ensuring financial stability.

The financial experts of Fred Barbara Investments welcome all their clients who visit them for the first time and give everyone a patient hearing. They will first assess your immediate financial goals and expectation and determine your individual profile and income-earning potential. Generally, most people follow their friends and relatives when it comes to choosing the right investments. However, these financial professionals emphasize that this is not the right thing to do. The financial needs of two different individuals can never be similar. Moreover, it is not prudent for anyone to follow others in selecting the appropriate investment schemes. After analyzing your individual profile, these experts will advise on ideal investment schemes to enhance your net wealth.

Unlike most financial professionals, the experts at Fred B BarbaraInvestments inform their clients on any recent developments regarding their investments. They also update them on any new investment schemes with attractive rates of interest that can enhance their wealth. While suggesting new investment schemes to their clients, these experts insist that their clients read the policy document thoroughly. This enables them to be aware of the benefits and the risk factors associated with the investment scheme. These experts will also go the extra mile in explain the implications of certain clauses of the scheme that their clients do not understand.

The future is uncertain for everyone but by investing in the right investment scheme, you can ensure the financial stability of your family. Moreover, most investment schemes available in the market come with flexible and attractive options for you. All you need to do is to choose an investment scheme with options that suit your financial needs. With the financial experts for Fred Barbara Investments by your side to advice you, you will be able to make the right choice.


Gain knowledge about the online trading brokers through online

In the fast growing world, the internet has offered many useful things to the people and it made everything digital. You can even access anything through the internet from your home itself and that really helps people to everything. As the internet changed the lifestyle of the people it also changed the trading method from the traditional trading to the online trading. The internet provides a facility to do trading directly to the clients from your own comfort place. There are many ways available and you can become the online trader with the help of online trading brokers. To become the online trader, you just need to access the websites of online trading brokers to get knowledge about the online trading platform. You can get more online trading brokers through online and 24Optionis one among the online broker site that provides many offers to their customers to trade assets. Before doing anything on the internet it is better to know about the reviews so you can view the 24Option Review through online to get more information about the trader.

Service provided by the 24option

The trading website provides an excellent service to their customer that contains the most impressive features. The website has more brokers and they will answer quickly to the client questions through live chat. It supports many languages that representatives in 13 other languages. The live chat feature provided by the broker is one of the most impressive features of this website. They provide the reputable binary robot software which helps the investors who want more hands-on trading experience. The binary software will help automatically trade while the investor is away. The website has a number of toll-free international numbers and also has standard email support 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week.

Trading options provided by the 24option trading

They provide five different account types which requirea minimum deposit in your account. It is important to note the point that the standard accounts have monthly withdrawal fees. Here are the five account types provided by the 24option trader.

  • Basic: It is the entry level account this entitles the basic trading instruments and the professional charting functionality. It also provides 24 hours service to their customers which are the most important feature of the 24option trader.
  • Silver: It is the basic account which contains the added benefits of trading alerts and also a personal trading coach.
  • Gold: the payout will be increased when you choose the gold account and you will get SMS and email alerts if you are a potential trader.
  • Platinum: It is one of the penultimate choices of the 24options trader website which offers all the above benefits. The platinum account holders are allowed to trade in Forex and CFDs, a research website, and live training sessions. The monthly withdrawal fee is rejected for all the withdrawals if you are a platinum account holder.
  • Diamond: It is the premium account at the 24option trader website and it is provided to all the advanced investors.

For more information about the website, you can view the 24Option Review page available through online.


The Unexpected Benefits of Investing in Gold

Our fascination with gold is almost as old as the history of humanity itself. Its rise in prominence finally culminated when first golden coins officially became a currency in Asia Minor in 600s BC. Today, although it was replaced as a monetary unit a long time ago, gold still strongly affects national economies through its influence on official currencies. Still, in spite of its obvious value and significance in the overall economy picture, how does gold fare as an investment? Actually, it holds up pretty well.

A Very Long History of Holding Value

In the absence of a better term, gold is very reliable. Its history of holding value for more than 2,000 years makes it even more appealing than some national currencies to the chosen audience. Namely, people like to look at gold as heritage which will overcome all current economic turbulences, and be suitable to be passed on to future generations. Upon observing this issue from the long-term standpoint, this reasoning makes much more sense.

An Opportunity to Diversify the Investments

Putting all your eggs in one basket has never been a sound business decision. The more diversified your investments are, the bigger your chance for success. Investing in gold will give you an opportunity to do exactly that. Even when you opt for this particular kind of investment, dealers like GoldMart will offer you enough different options so you can further diversify your portfolio, and thus keep your investment more secure than if you didn’t.

Vulnerability of the Most Common Currencies

The US dollar and the entire US economy – the global economy in fact – has recovered from the crushing 2007-2008 global financial crisis. Still, no matter how encouraging current economic indicators might seem, it is just a matter of time when the next crisis will tear everything down again. Some economists are predicting the next great recession as soon as 2018. Even if we write off the more pessimistic predictions, it is obvious that the next great blow is going to happen sooner rather than later. In that case, having such a durable commodity as gold seems like a good idea.


All currencies face inflation, and the US dollar is not excluded. Although we have not seen two-digit numbers since the 1980s, the inflation rate devaluates American currency each year. Historically, gold has been a great hedge against aggressive inflation, because when the costs of living increase, its value usually tends to rise.

Geopolitical Developments

Troublesome as they are, financial uncertainties are, unfortunately, not the only thing pushing gold into the focus of your investments. The other variables you should pay attention to are geopolitical developments, and as we can see, some decades-old geopolitical issues are far from being solved. Not only that, but a new crisis appears seemingly on a daily basis. It should be noted, therefore, that during similar situations in history, gold usually outperforms other investments and saw much better price movements.

Old Romans used to say that “history is life’s teacher”. Well, if history has thought us anything, it’s that people will always value gold. Remember this important lesson and do not write off gold.bars while planning your next great investments.