What Are the Benefits of Social Media Integration?

The average person spends about 144 minutes on social media every day. That’s 2 hours and 24 minutes a day.

That’s only a portion of the total time they spend online, checking email, streaming videos, and visiting websites. With so many options available, you might feel like you have to be everywhere at once to capture the attention of people.

You don’t have to be everywhere at the same time, but you do have to make it easy for people to find you through several marketing channels.

Social media integration can help you do just that. Read on to find out what it is and why it can boost your marketing.

What Is Social Media Integration?

Marketing doesn’t happen in silos anymore. No one just reads the newspaper and a few magazines. They’ll look at websites and social media channels.

In digital marketing, you can have marketing silos, but that doesn’t work for a business. It’s like a business relying on just a Facebook page as a social media channel and a replacement for a website. You’re missing a lot of people online because they can’t find your website when they search for information related to your products and services.

Social media integration creates a two-way street between your website and social media accounts. It lets people know that they have plenty of choices to learn more about your business.

Main Benefits of Integrating Social Media

Why would you use social media integration? You can increase brand awareness. Customers can visit your website and share content they like on their own social media accounts.

That broadens your reach and makes more people aware of your company.

You can also keep customers happy. Customers have their own preferences to communicate with your company. Using social integration gives them plenty of options. You can do that by having a Facebook Messenger link on your website or a customer service Twitter account.

How to Apply Social Media Integration

Social media integration isn’t that complicated. You’re actually just making things much easier for customers to engage with your brand and share your materials.

A simple way to integrate your social media accounts is to have social media icons in the menu header and footer of your website. These icons link back to your social media accounts.

Does your website have share buttons on blog posts? If you run a WordPress website, you can install a plugin like Monarch or Sassy Social Share.

Master Social Media Integration for More Traffic

Marketing is more complicated than ever because information is so fragmented. You can use social media integration to simplify your efforts.

It’s a simple way to build awareness, drive traffic to your site, and improve customer service. That will help instill loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more.

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The Changing Australian Housing Market

Australia’s housing market has seen so many ups and downs in the past few years that it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep track. My Money House can help with making financial decisions as well as keeping buyers and sellers up to date and well informed when making important buying or selling moves. The market can be crazy, but there are many ways to remain confident and successful with some simple financial advising.

The housing market recently plummeted – facing a two-year slump where prices were at an all-time low for the market. Sydney, usually home to the most expensive house and property sales in the world, lost many prospective sellers in 2015. My Money House aims to help people make decisions in this time with helpful articles for first home buyers, investment property, and many other helpful topics.

The two year slump didn’t last long however, the Australian market has seen recent surges in selling rates. With price rates rising as high as 17% in Melbourne, the market could be coming back with a bang.

Many contribute the reversal of the market to the election of Scott Morrison and the leniency with credit he brought along. The lending restrictions were lowered and thus many people could begin purchasing their dream homes once again. This also made it easier in turn for sellers to continue selling their property. Many sellers had withdrawn from the market before this change and are back now, hoping to make a profit from their homes or former homes.

However, the election of Morrison is not the only theory as to why growth and healing has returned to the Australian housing market. The population in Melbourne has grown by one million people in close to ten years. A surge in population in any city is always likely to contribute to a housing market “boom” as many experts call it. This is where My Money House can step in and really help make a great decision on buying or selling a house in a time like this as many people are concerned that this boom may not last. This makes timing crucial.

Although Australia is generally one of the most successful locations for real estate sales and auctions, the past few years haven’t been good to it. With the recent surge in sales, listings, and population, it should be interesting to see where the house market travels and we can remain hopeful that this boom will last!

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How Has Technology Changed The PR Sector For The Better?

Today, technology has completely the way of living right from how we work to what we purchase. In fact, gone are those days when those newspapers or yellow pages were used. So, yes it can be said that there are many trends that are set by technology that have changed public relations these days. Known by everyone that research pr has the ability to solve the organization’s issues by preventing or managing any crisis. Here are some important ways in which technology has impacted the PR industry for better:

In Terms Of Reporting

When the internet was not there, PR professionals used to make slideshows and spreadsheets. Today, there’s the availability of modern and interactive PR reports that can be generated anytime from the system. This can be used for monitoring as well as analyzing the entire PR landscape. The best part of technology is that people can get a real-time look at the PR impacts that too without wasting any time for arranging meetings with the PR team.

When It Comes To Research

Earlier media directories were used for doing some research. But, now technology has made it possible to do the entire research things with just a few clicks. No doubt, Google is an effective tool that can help you access a number of information and details. No matter what you want to know about, you will get from Google as it has a huge database.

In fact, you can get connected with different publications and journalists for accessing information.

Monitoring Of Media

The only source of the PR team that they used to follow for the client’s coverage is news. Earlier, it was like cutting the newspaper of the client’s news coverage and then emailing them to the clients. Today, social media and live streaming of news have made it possible for PR professionals to monitor the news of the clients in a few minutes.

PR Measurement

Before the advancement of technology, it was really difficult to measure PR impact or its success. Today, all this hassle PR measurement has gone completely because of technology. Outcomes of the PR can easily be measured with different parameters such as website traffic, SEO rankings, conversion rates, and revenue.

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way how we get and access the information. Therefore, it can be said that PR also gets impacted in better ways with the introduction of technology. Right from measuring the results of PR to controlling the crisis, everything can be done with ease by the PR team with advanced technology. Also, social media monitoring helps PR professionals in crisis control in real-time.


Increased Video Ad Options for Marketers

Video advertisements are potentially a huge growth area. However, to succeed in using video advertisements there is a need to prioritise user experience and not monetisation. This is because video is evolving quite significantly while still retaining its premium value. As marketers today we have more ways than ever before to reach out to our audience by using video. The recent Dmexco trade show hosted in Cologne showed that in the span of one year from the previous trade show, vendors have worked on creating new and innovative video inventory.

Live Streaming

Video is the main cause of data usage for the vast majority of today’s mobile data usage. One of the main drivers of mobile video is live streaming. More and more consumers are live streaming in a wide variety of situations and platforms are following suit.

For instance, during the Dmexco show, sports streamer DAZN announced that it plans to open a new office in Amsterdam. This shows how seriously they take their goal of being the Netflix of Sports. On the other hand, Twitch’s popularity and dominance in eSports have become the envy of many platforms, especially considering how popular game streaming is. Moreover, during this past year, the popularity of HQ Trivia has caught the eyes of many (although many at Dmexco reckoned HQ Trivia should capitalise more on their popularity).

Content Platforms

Other streaming platforms include Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. However, these platforms have increased their streaming product by creating content platforms. For instance, Facebook has Facebook Watch and Instagram has IGTV. With so much investment and capital available for the creation of these platforms, Facebook can afford to play around and make tweaks until they perfect their content platforms for success. Given that European advertisers have not had a chance to make use of Facebook Watch, advertisers expressed their frustration at playing second fiddle.

Opportunities and Risks

However, with all these developments, marketers have to ask themselves where the opportunities are for them. Vice, Twitch, and DAZN are crafted, designed, and optimised for a specific market. As such, these platforms are not for everyone. Moreover, live streaming is not always the best solution for every brand, as content cannot be vetted. The element of live interaction also leaves businesses susceptible to trolling.

This is too risky for some brands. As such, companies are still very cautious about their brand safety. Moreover, advertisers and publishers are only interested in working with quality content. Therefore, the onus is upon companies and advertisers, such as a video agency in Nottingham, to consider the benefits of live streaming and determine whether it is right for them.

Third-Party Content

At Dmexco, another kind of video content was showcased which does not suffer the same demerits of live streams. Third-party content that is produced for distribution is another type of video content that businesses can use. When integrated with artificial intelligence, the videos can be matched to certain keywords and/or paged. This type of video content helps solve the long-standing problem of businesses being unable to produce video content for their own inventory.

Marketers can, therefore, use these types of video for their ‘in-stream’ video content inventory – streaming contextually matched content. As the content is well-placed and high-quality, the ads are attractive and well viewed. Advertisers should nonetheless ensure they buy high-quality content. They should work with trusted partners only.

Changes in Media

In other fields such as digital out-of-home and in-transit media are undergoing programmatic and video revolutions as well. More areas of our lives are being filled with video content. This in turn means that getting premium placements is becoming more and more critical for advertisers.

Finally, it is important to touch on the connect TV niche as it is carving a niche of its own. The potential benefits of CTV are numerous enough to warrant an in-depth article of their own. On the supply-side, platforms are choosing their paths. There are those that are embracing this niche while others are steering clear. As such, in the years to come, you can expect further divergence to take place between CTV and the video content platform niches.

State of the Market

When all is said, there is no better time for marketers to create and distribute video content. However, advertisers also face enormous complications in their effort to reach their audience. For instance, video buyers must keep in mind brand safety and context as well as the user experience they are investing in. Consequently, in pursuit of simplification, you can expect the consolidation of vendors.


Advertising That Actually Works

If you are trying to reach your customers, you know how difficult it can be to advertise to them. There was a point early in the 21st century when business managers thought that it would be incredibly easy to reach customers. There was a massive proliferation of different ways to contact your target audience. The customers have flocked to new ways of avoiding having to see advertising. When they’re in the car, they might listen to MP3s instead of public radio. Others have satellite radio that doesn’t have commercials. Some of them DVR their television shows and fast forward through the commercials or they stream television. They have ad blockers on their Internet browsers. You are trying to reach a customer base that believes it does not want to be reached.

Obviously, this has long been the case. People have tried to avoid advertising and advertisers have tried clever ways to reach them. There is a simple way to reach your customers, though. It is not complex and not expensive.

Pull-Up Banners

If you want to reach your customers in different places, you should consider roller banner stands. A roller banner is very versatile and lightweight. An upright printed banner is coiled tightly in a spring-loaded roll at the bottom of the stand. You will pull it out and hook it to the top of the stand. The pressure of the spring at the bottom will keep the banner straight.

These are great for many reasons. They’re great because they are lightweight and easy to carry. You can pack and unpack them in seconds. They’re also great because they can be put anywhere you need them to be.

Choosing a Spot

Choosing a spot for your banner is almost as important as the banner itself. If you are going to any trade shows, the banner should definitely go with you. You want to put it next to your booth and draw the customers to you. Many people at the show will likely have banners so you need to focus on making yours stand out.

If you’re not going to a trade show, you might want to consider putting your banner somewhere it can still reach customers. If you could rent space in a busy shopping mall or in the lobby of a movie theatre, you could attract a lot of customers. Lastly, you could put it in front of your own business if you have a storefront. Putting it in front of your own business works because you will break up the monotony. When people see the same signs every day, they start to ignore them. They might start ignoring your business without even realising it. A banner can help disturb the routine look of your business and attract customers.

Lastly, you need to choose who will manufacture your banner. You need to choose a company that has experience in the business of banners as well as one that provides quality service. They should have some examples of their work as well so you can know what you will be getting.


Making Your Business a Success Requires Assistance from Professional Marketing Companies

If you own a business, you already know how important it is to create a good image for your product or service since if potential clients do not recognise your product, they can never become customers. When it comes to this service, trusting a company that specialises in digital marketing and branding services is your best bet because few people have the capability to do this themselves. A creative agency that specialises in all aspects of promoting your business is what you want to look for. These companies work with you from start to finish to assist you with everything from naming your business to making sure that your website is producing great results, all of which are extremely important when you are starting or growing your business.

Making it Easy on You

When you are running a business, it is difficult to keep up with all the details regarding promotion and marketing since you have many other things to do. This is why these marketing companies are so important because their services include web and social media marketing, brand strategy, and visual identity services. They will make sure that your logo properly represents your business goals and ideals, that your Facebook and Instagram pages look both enticing and professional, and that your product is ready to be presented to the world. They take a comprehensive approach to your marketing challenges; they work very hard to make sure that your business grows with each action they take and that it grows quickly.

Offering Everything You Need to Grow

A growing business means that you are making money, which is the goal of all business owners, and this is also an important goal of your marketing company. A good creative agency in London does everything they can to help your business. They start by meeting with you to ascertain your current and future goals and to make sure that they understand exactly what you want. They then develop a personalised plan just for you, working with you with each step so that you can achieve your goals one by one. They also monitor all their activities so that if one isn’t working the way they intended it to, some changes can be made. Best of all, they work with all types of businesses from retail outlets to corporate offices and even hospitals, schools, and restaurants. This means that regardless of what your product or service is, they can accommodate you by providing what you need so that your business will grow more with each passing day.

Businesses are difficult to run and even harder to make successful but a good creative agency works with you every step of the way to help you achieve the success that you deserve. Furthermore, it costs a lot less than you think to hire one of these agencies so their reasonable price is just one of their many advantages. Whether your business is six months old or six years old, getting the marketing assistance that you need is easier and cheaper than you think and it all starts with contacting the right creative agency.


Get the thoughts of targeted people through marketing services

Starting an own business can be done by everyone. An idea of starting a business and the required amount of money is enough to initiate the step but making them into a successful business is so tough. In order to achieve this there are lots of techniques available to implement. When those methods are implemented perfectly then the success will get in your way automatically.

A business can be made into a successful one only if it steals the thoughts of the people. It should reach the people in wide range with its improved quality of services or any products. Only then the people will recognize the presence of us and get interested to know the about it more and more. If people do not have any knowledge on what you are doing and how they are useful to the people then they will never consider about your presence in the field and they will start to look for the some other one who might be in the category of your competitors list. Hence in order to drag those people towards your side you need take all the necessary steps to cover their attention.

It can be achieved with the help of the perfect marketing techniques. There are lots of techniques and categories available in the marketing area. Among them the most widely used types are internet marketing and digital media marketing.

It includes various ranges of plans that include customer support, business planning, sales strategy, public relationships etc. we cannot alone achieve all this to hike up the performance of our business. It can be obtained with the aid of any marketing expert easily. There are lots of marketing companies available to service you. In order to get better service you need to contact the reliable company who could come under the need of yours.

The good reputed companies will provide the enhanced services that are reliable and make magic in the reach of your business. Hence you need to concentrate on finding the company that is good reputed. Proper research in the internet will let you to find out the right one easily. Read the reviews in the internet regarding the company and the feedbacks that are given by the clients who have experience in the previous sessions. This will help you to know about the performance of the company and other stuffs. Then you should never forget to check for the online complaints that are given by the people who had bad experience with them.

To my consideration the reliable company such as Beverly media will avail the services that are needed for your business. The good reputed ones will provide the results as much as possible in a shorter interval of time. Moreover the results would be long lasting one that could make you to get stick in the minds of people. Once you reached the attention of the people and stay in their thoughts then you can see the changes in the performance of your business deliberately.