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What Are the Benefits of Social Media Integration?

Social Media Integration

The average person spends about 144 minutes on social media every day. That’s 2 hours and 24 minutes a day.

That’s only a portion of the total time they spend online, checking email, streaming videos, and visiting websites. With so many options available, you might feel like you have to be everywhere at once to capture the attention of people.

You don’t have to be everywhere at the same time, but you do have to make it easy for people to find you through several marketing channels.

Social media integration can help you do just that. Read on to find out what it is and why it can boost your marketing.

What Is Social Media Integration?

Marketing doesn’t happen in silos anymore. No one just reads the newspaper and a few magazines. They’ll look at websites and social media channels.

In digital marketing, you can have marketing silos, but that doesn’t work for a business. It’s like a business relying on just a Facebook page as a social media channel and a replacement for a website. You’re missing a lot of people online because they can’t find your website when they search for information related to your products and services.

Social media integration creates a two-way street between your website and social media accounts. It lets people know that they have plenty of choices to learn more about your business.

Main Benefits of Integrating Social Media

Why would you use social media integration? You can increase brand awareness. Customers can visit your website and share content they like on their own social media accounts.

That broadens your reach and makes more people aware of your company.

You can also keep customers happy. Customers have their own preferences to communicate with your company. Using social integration gives them plenty of options. You can do that by having a Facebook Messenger link on your website or a customer service Twitter account.

How to Apply Social Media Integration

Social media integration isn’t that complicated. You’re actually just making things much easier for customers to engage with your brand and share your materials.

A simple way to integrate your social media accounts is to have social media icons in the menu header and footer of your website. These icons link back to your social media accounts.

Does your website have share buttons on blog posts? If you run a WordPress website, you can install a plugin like Monarch or Sassy Social Share.

Master Social Media Integration for More Traffic

Marketing is more complicated than ever because information is so fragmented. You can use social media integration to simplify your efforts.

It’s a simple way to build awareness, drive traffic to your site, and improve customer service. That will help instill loyalty and keep your customers coming back for more.

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