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Contributing To Coworking – How To Provide Value To Your Coworking Colleagues


Collaboration can be one of the easiest ways to promote your business in Thailand. Working together and delegating responsibilities creates opportunities for each team member to contribute their expertise while also gaining valuable knowledge from each participant. While the effort is usually a team effort, individually the collaboration presents the opportunity for you to present your expertise.

Before the collaboration, though, a few things take place. Networking, for one, is a part of finding to team members, but so does making friends and building relationships as well. Furthermore, the office design is integral to making both business relationships, and the friendships that created them, grow. The coworking space promotes the whole concept of collaboration in the workspace setting. However, while collaboration is a great activity, to really take something away from the experience everyone must actively participate.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can contribute to a collaborative conversation with your coworking colleagues.

Use Space To Your Advantage

One way the coworking space is evolving in Thailand is that the scene is beginning to take advantage of the way space can be used to promote social interaction. Coworking hostels and other coworking hotels in Thailand are redefining the coworking concept making it comfortable for professionals to interact with one another. In many cases, the more social spaces create collaborative opportunities.

Most spaces, alternatively, offer a good amount of social interaction with the workspace. See how Servcorp Coworking Thailand has adopted this concept by clicking onto the following link http://www.servcorp.co.th/en/coworking/. The point is, however, to use the space in a way that it can contribute to the kinds of conversations that make collaboration comfortable, whether that means moving the discussion to a relaxing lounge area or moving the discussion outside of the coworking space.

Pick A Part

When working in groups, pick the part you feel most capable in, if possible. If you are someone who has valuable skills integral to the project, then take the lead on the portion of the work. If you are someone who has a lot of experience in a field, consider taking on the role of advisor, making sure that everything that is done in the space is good standard practice. If your character is normally to cheer others on, take on this role.

While no one wants a critical person judging their work, this role is also available for team members. If you are particularly keen at coming up with great ideas, be the initiator and take the lead in moving the project in a direction that might be more successful. The point is your coworking environment is a resource of information and people, and so when creating collaborative opportunities, know that there is a role for you to play in contributing to any team project.

Delegate Responsibilities

Regardless of the task being completed, one way to organise work is to delegate responsibility. By breaking up the work into individual assignments, you create accountability, so if there are questions regarding the task that person can be contacted. Finally, by breaking up tasks and assigning them to particular individuals, everyone contributes to the projects, and everyone has the chance to showcase their skills. Alternatively, it alleviates the stress and pressure on those who typically take the lead in the space. Regardless of the size of the group, assigning tasks is one way to more efficiently organise a project.

Contributing To Your Coworking Colleagues

Coworking professionals can contribute to the overall experience of collaboration and working in the space in a few ways. By taking advantage of your space, defining your role in the space, and delegating responsibility, you can more effectively contribute and manage work. Ultimately, your role in the coworking community can be to foster the types of relationships that create team building and collaboration.