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Factors to Determine the Right Event Management Company


Whether it is a gala dinner or a product lunch, you have two options ahead of you – to do it alone or hire an event management company. Doing it alone can save you money but if you have never been involved in event organisation, this can prove challenging.

Event organising is truly complicated and demanding. If you are aiming for success, the best thing to do is to hire a company. It is indisputable that event management companies will save you time and they will make the event more efficient and memorable.

However, you have to remember that not all event management companies are created equal. If you choose without taking into consideration a few things, it can potentially ruin the event. With this, choosing the right company is arguably the most important step when planning for an event. To help you get started, here are the things to look for in an event management company Melbourne:

By checking the company’s history, you will get the idea of how many years they have been in the business. This will reflect the company’s experience. At the onset, you need to establish how experienced the company is – after all, you entrust your important event to them.

It is common for an event company to be an expert of many things but if it does not relate to your event, it will be futile. With this, you need to find a company with relevant expertise.


If you know about the history of the company, it will lead you to glowing recommendations and testimonials. If the company is confident about their works, they will show you their client feedback. If they do not give, make sure that you ask for it.

Aside from reading client feedback, you should also see photos from previous events. It is a good sign if you see the same clients because it indicates repeat business. Repeat business reflects how well the event company stands. It will also give you an idea of how they cultivate relationships with their clients.

There are some companies that hire third-party equipment suppliers. While there is nothing wrong with it, you should consider a company that provides its own equipment. This will ensure that the equipment is maintained and always available or reliable. More importantly, you will save on the cost compared to hiring equipment in other companies.

It is important that you do thorough research. Once you narrowed down the list, you should ask for a quotation. Price will be the greatest deciding factor but it should not limit you. You should give more value to the quality of work instead of the price if you want a successful event.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your chosen event management company. Require the company to meet you so you can get the feel. You need to determine if you can work well together.

Upon meeting, do not forget to define your requirements. If you do not brief the company, you cannot expect them to guess what you really want for your event. Look for creativity and the amount of effort they put in understanding the requirements or needs of your event.