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How to Study Effectively in University

Study Effectively in University

In this article will be disclosed 2 main secrets of effective study in university. In fact, it is even easier to study at university than at school. Why do we think so?

First of all, if you purposely chose the school where you are currently (or will be) studying, then do you have a certain desire to study in that place in your chosen field of study?  What, have you been forced to study where you are currently studying?

If you are too lazy to read this article, then let’s briefly say its basic meaning: go where you really want to learn, do not give in to the persuasion of parents, and the like. This is your life – you choose your own future destiny.

We’re all about why it’s easier to study at university than at school. The first thing you have already understood is that you study in a profession in which you have the desire and ability to learn. Accordingly, your performance is better, etc.

And, secondly, although this, in principle, goes as a continuation of the first, it is that the university is something concrete and abstract, and school is something abstract and concrete. Don’t you understand what the meaning of this is? Naturally, we did not understand, now we will explain – we will put everything into shelves. So that’s the way it is.

Let’s start with the university: at the university, you study the final specialty and all subjects are somehow connected with each other, thus it is easier for you to manage the flow of new information because it is often repeated

ABSTRACT at university is a test of your current knowledge. A rare faculty member at a university will give tests or quizzes after each pair to test your current knowledge. He sometimes does not have time for this (lectures would subtract everything according to the program).

Even if there is such a teacher (believe me – he is sure to find, the course is different), then your results for the current tests affect the final grade only to the extent that. Simply put, only an exam at the university is a really serious event. This is most likely due to the total absence of students in pairs during the semester. Well, everyone has a choice. However, whoever says what, but the exam (especially at the beginning of the semester) is something so far away and ABSTRACT.

The situation at school is completely different. There you learn in a variety of areas (history, mathematics, geography), ie, together you get a certain set of ABSTRACT from different disciplines. In this case, you must be on standby all the time, because in the school control work and tests – a thing is common. Here you and the SPECIFIC training, which does not allow you to relax for a week.

In fact, the constant tension that a person who wants to learn “perfectly” in school is very distracting to the learning process. In higher education it is much easier – the exam solves everything.

Do you agree with us or not? It is very interesting to see feedback in the comments to the article. BTW, you can find someone to write an article review for you if it needed.  However, we are moving on, since we so persistently proved that it is easier to study at university than at school, it is time to tell about the 2 main secrets of excellent study at university.

Many people ask questions – what are the 2 main secrets? Imagine that you were asked such a question – how would you answer it?

Let’s start with the attitude to the subject. What is the attitude of most students to the subjects they teach at university? “Man, I wish this boring lecture had gone faster, or I’m so sleepy.” Something like that. I don’t argue, some lectures are really quite boring and tiresome, but you didn’t come to the university to have fun, you came to study, didn’t you?

Take the teachers’ side. Sometimes they too do not want to give the same lecture, because they are already giving it far from the first year. Teachers also lose the desire to “play the same record” all the time.

However, we do not care, you ask, because our task is to learn excellently. And here’s the thing. If, for example, you go to your teacher after a couple and ask him a question about the topic of the lecture, he will probably be surprised at first your curiosity, because now students ask little of the teachers. Then, moving away from the initial “shock”, the teacher will begin to answer your question.

And the more difficult the question you ask him, the more interesting he will be in answering it. He may need to refer to some sources for more information. And that’s where the most important thing happens…

You leave the classroom, and the teacher thinks: “That’s the student who’s interested in my subject, so he’s interested in what I’m talking about. And then he takes a note of you.

By doing so, you show your teacher that you are extremely interested in his lectures. This attitude to the subject always bribes you and gives you the right to expect a positive outcome in the exam. The most important thing here is not to imitate your interest, but to really interest yourself in the subject.

Let’s say in secret when you yourself are interested in studying this or that subject, it instantly affects your attitude to it. You are no longer dependent on the opinion of most of your classmates, who want to quickly leave the audience. Be independent of the opinion of others!

Knowledge is the key to success in any business, not just in the study. However, apart from knowledge, the little tricks that we have told you today help in the learning process. We hope that you will draw useful conclusions from this article and correct your attitude to learning in the right direction.