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Avoid the Scams: Useful Tips to Avoid Online Shopping Scams


Online scams all over the world are booming up drastically based on several reports. Most of these cybercrime complaints received from the victims of online scams are coming from online shopping scams and other methods of illegal online activities.

Nobody wants to be scammed, right? So as a buyer it’s important to know some precautions against online shopping scams. But how can you ensure your safety when transacting with an online seller? This article will give you some useful tips to avoid losing your hard-earned money with online shopping scams.

Avoid the Scam Tip #1:  Spot Online Shopping Scams

Always remember, an online scammer pretends to be a legitimate seller using a fake advertisement on an authorized e-commerce platform. The scammer tricks a buyer into purchasing a non-existent item and will deliver nothing and get away with your money.

Be Aware: Signs of Online Shopping Scams

When buying a product online especially if overseas, watch out for these red flags. Below are the common signs of online shopping scams:

  • Items with low prices compared to other online sellers especially high-end brands
  • No pictures and additional details about the item
  • Insisting immediate payment before sending out the order
  • Requires the buyer to deposit the payment directly to their bank account instead of going through the e-commerce site preferred payment method
  • No contact details displayed
  • Require the buyer to submit financial information

If your online transaction has one or more of these red flags, ditch the shopping. If you’re currently residing in Hong Kong and wanted to have a safe online shopping experience far from the scammers and fraudsters, you may visit https://www.egapgo.com/shopping/ for more detailed information.

Avoid the Scam Tip #2: Don’t Share Your Confidential and Bank Information

Always think twice before giving any information about you to the sellers. Several online shopping scams make friends to the buyers and gain their trust, and will ask for their bank account information.

When an online seller requires you to give them some information about you such as your birthdate, cc number, CVV, or other confidential data, avoid and cancel the transaction.

Avoid the Scam Tip #3: Know the Seller’s Refund, Returns, and Shipping Policy

Legitimate online shopping sites will clearly state the fair policies in returns, refunding methods, disputes, customer data privacy, and shipping fees and charges, especially if overseas. Some shipping fees have additional charges especially if the item is from overseas, make sure to check who’s going to be responsible for the charges and if something happens to the package during the transit, make sure someone is accountable for that.

Usually, legitimate online shopping sites have a 24/7 customer service team which can handle disputes, complaints, and inquiries about the delivery of the product. Always make sure to deal only with these kinds of online shops to avoid mishaps and scams. And if the website doesn’t have any of these policies, ditch the shopping.

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