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Eight Exclusive Businesses for Women of 21st Century


Even though it might sound strange to many, research has quite effectually manifested that women make much better entrepreneurs than men. Starting from being capable of picking social cues or comprehending emotional situations to taking calculated risks consistently, and not arriving at decisions based upon ego, they possess several beneficial characteristic traits. Well, I have chalked down a few business ideas women could surely try out in 2019.

  • Affiliate Marketing

For starting affiliate marketing, first procure your own website, and then a tad bit knowledge about the said field. It could be loosely defined as an arrangement through which a well-established retailer would pay people commission for promoting his/her products.

  • Candle Making

Plenty contemporary consumers purchase designer candles to adorn their house, thus, mastering this art would certainly be profitable. Melt paraffin in a container, add fragrance oils, attach wick in a jar, pour melted wax very slowly, secure wick, and let entire concoction to dry for about four hours. Decorate jar as per your wish, then promote it via social media platforms.

  • Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is perhaps one of the most creative businesses that any woman can opt for in present times. Remember you can achieve perfection only through practice so watch videos or read articles teaching this technique many times.

  • Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is also an advantageous business that a woman can easily carry out without stepping out of their home. She needs to cautiously record financial transactions of people, and inform exactly how much they saved as well as spent in a month.

  • Beauty Parlor

You can invite clients for haircuts, facials, manicures, pedicures, and other kinds of treatments. For this particular business to expand, first buy high quality cosmetics from market, and then watch beauty tutorials on YouTube.

  • Boutique Store

Through a boutique store, many women can showcase their talent, and perhaps get a much bigger job in future. Starting from clothes to bags, shoes, jewelry, etc., you can sell varied items for a desirable price.

  • Blogging

Blogging allows a wide range of modern-day individuals to gain strong footing in digital landscape.  You can write on informative topics associated with fashion, healthcare, travel, cuisine, etc. Sharing personal experiences could also drive traffic beyond geographical boudndaries. Before getting started, cultivate certain essential characteristics namely,

  • Passion
  • Strong Ethic
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Balance
  • Grammatical Expertise

  • Interior Decoration

Do you love altering outlook of your house for better? If yes, try pursuing profession of an interior decorator. Apart from choosing color of walls and arranging furniture to make most out of the concerned space, you also had to continuously communicate with artwork curates, architects, craftsmen, electrician, etc. Instead of imposing insights, make sure to fabricate as per requirements and expectations of a client.

Fortunately a woman can operate nearly all businesses stated above right from their house, and save substantial amounts of money. In case her accommodation is not spacious enough, she could rent self-storage facility available at an affordable rate. From among diverse options, I personally believe owners of storage units in Philadelphia to be best. They assure climate-controlled feature, 24*7 accessibility, security, etc. Isn’t that simply amazing?