Home Business Consistency in Pearl Jewelry Photography Attracts Repeat Sales

Consistency in Pearl Jewelry Photography Attracts Repeat Sales


Consistent jewelry photos on your website help to boost repeat sales as well as your brand awareness. You can say consistency and repetition has the capability to improve your branding as well as your revenue. The reason is that your identity gets embedded in the minds of your clients thus inviting repeat purchases.

In this competitive digital era, customers are being cautious about their purchase, so they research and make an informed decision. With just a click the customer can switch products or brands. Therefore, it is crucial for jewelry retailers to concentrate on quality and consistency in product content and images. To ensure consistency in your pearl jewelry images there are several ways to do it successfully.

Use same angles

Photograph all your pearl jewelry products using same angle, so there is a feel of harmony. For example, the pendants of every pink pearl necklace need to have front view. It allows customers to see the pendant design clearly.

Many jewelers record the precise position and measurement of workshop table, tripod, and camera. It makes recreating easier, when they are not photographing all items on same day.

If you use Smartphone

Use camera grid, which will help to enhance image quality along with photo composition. Camera grid feature in Smartphone is effective, when you wish to capture particular frames precisely. The frame gets divided into 1/3rd vertically and horizontally making it simple to remember while shooting other items. Thus, helps to maintain consistency.

Partner with same post-production expert

To edit your jewelry photos, hire a post-production expert, who has experience with your niche. It will help to get quality results. Make sure that you stick with the right one, so as to save money, effort, and time finding another. They know your image consistency needs and even give advice as they are familiar with your niche.

Investment in things that help to achieve consistency in images

 For a jeweler, taking photos constantly of jewelry items is a must. Therefore, it is important to invest in solutions that enhance your image consistency. A lightbox system is designed for ease, convenience and consistency.

A lightbox ensures that all the photos of jewelry you capture gets same white background shade, lighting, and color temperature. Jewelry lighting setups are time consuming and need proper light positioning to illuminate the jewelry item precisely but with lightbox you are always prepared to photograph.

Use same background for consistency. Actually, white blends with other colors are relaxing for customer’s eyes. Customers can browse the listing page without any eye strain, which also indicates decrease in the bounce rate.