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Bitcoin account’s feature makes it very easy for every customer to create web services which maintains separate balance of bitcoin. More often, bitcoin accounts are named having arbitrary strings. Bitcoin has the ability in creating 2 accounts automatically. It implicitly creates default accounts having empty strings as its name as well as it explicitly create account named “Your Address” the time new wallet has been created. Since the default account has been named having empty string, the generated coin is always credited to default accounts and “these ndto address” procedure or method always records the said default account.

The coins which have been previously received in that address will actually be debited from previous account’s balance as well as credited to address’ brand new account. It is advisable for you to use get address by account method in order for you to list all the addresses that are associated with a specific account.

How to Open Bitcoin Account?

In order for you to know how to open bitcoin account, the first thing that you need to do is to download bitcoins applications for Mac, Windows or even Linux. Once you already installed the program, it automatically generates bitcoins address for your own account.

You can definitely get bitcoins either by selling services and goods for others or even by contributing a CPU resource from the machine to project that are used in generating cryptographic hashes that the system is usually built on. Kindly turn on the settings in order to generate the coins, once the system is idle it will definitely use the unused processor cycle in order to calculate the hashes for project. It actually takes long time in generating bitcoins in this kind of way, but this costs nothing because the system was idle.

Every bitcoin address is public/private key pair of cryptographic hashes. Bitcoin is associated throughout the network having an address/hash which owns them however without private key which matches the address, you won’t have an access in spending bitcoins and there is a possibility that it will lost forever.

For anonymity, new address has been used in every transaction and since bitcoin is assigned to address, not directly to you, it is definitely the safest thing to do regular backup in order to prevent losing bitcoin permanently if the hard drive are to crash. Looking for some other tips on how to open bitcoin account can also be helpful for you to become successful.

Another way is to register yourself and you get a Bitcoin wallet. There official website is bitcoin.org, but unfortunately, they do not provide much details about how exactly Bitcoin works, thus leaving visitor thirsty for more information.

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, you can start buying and selling Bitcoin. This can be done both online and offline. There are lots of Bitcoin exchange networks and forums, where Bitcoin can be traded. The process works similar like any other paypal or credit card transaction, minus insurance. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to meet someone is person to do this. Once you have gained enough knowledge about exchange and have developed a trusted network, then you can do it in any way you please.

Bitcoin currency is still new and is therefore highly fluctuating. It can shift to a fee hundred dollars on either side in any given 24 hours or can even behave more insanely! This can be attributed to the fact that there is a limited amount of Bitcoin available in the market and a few holders command the market and can change its value within a couple of transaction. This makes Bitcoin trading very risky.

So the question arises, if it would be wise to invest in them? Well honestly, Bitcoin is still in its infancy and therefore, it is not possible to predict its future for the time being. It has won faith of many investors and has made them rich, but at the same time, it has left others in vain. Bitcoin trading is banned in a few countries and this does not adds to its reputation in any way. It will take a long time before Bitcoin wins confidence of the mass and is officially accept by the government of all countries.

For now, it is doing well in countries, in which national currency itself is in a state of blur and people are looking for alternatives. For the other countries,  people would and should still prefer safer and less fluctuating modes of investment like gold and silver. Let’s hope Bitcoin reaches that state soon as well!

How to Sell Bitcoin

If you own BitCoins and want to sell a portion or all of it you can do this very easily. BitCoin is currently trading at about $600 per unit of BitCoin and you can get a good amount by selling your BitCoins.

In order to sell your BitCoin you need to have a BitCoin wallet first. A BitCoin wallet is an online tool used to store your BitCoins safely. Your BitCoin wallet should contain the BitCoinsyou plan to sell. For selling your BitCoins you need a buyer.

Make sure that you do not make a transaction with an unknown person. If you get promised that you will be paid and you transfer you BitCoins, you may very well be cheated later on and there is not much you can do about it. It is highly recommended that you select one of the top BitCoin exchange companies for selling BitCoins.

Different BitCoin exchange firms offer different exchange rates and their service tax also varies. So before making a transaction do some calculations and figure out which firm will pay the most. After you know which exchange company you will sell your BitCoins to, transfer your BitCoins to the company’s BitCoin wallet which will have a 34 character alphanumeric key just like your own BitCoin wallet.

The company will transfer the corresponding money to your bank account. You can also go to the exchange company in person and collect a check or cash in return of your BitCoins.