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How to Attract the Best Employees by Revamping Your Work Space


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Do people want to work for you? Do you have a low turnover rate? In order to be as successful as possible, it is important to have good employees working for you. In addition, it is crucial to keep the best talent from working with your competition.

Why is it important to focus on the type of working environment that you create for your employees? When you put some effort in this area, it makes your staff feel like they are important to you. In addition, it helps to stimulate their creativity, which can lead to positive gains for your company.

Employees that look forward to coming into work each day are more likely to stay with you for the long term, even if you don’t pay quite as much as your competitors. In addition, when people are treated well, they usually feel better. This helps them to work harder when they are in the office, and that means that you’ll spend less money to get the same amount of work done. If you need even more proof that this tactic works, take a look at some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google and Facebook. They place a premium on employee happiness, and it shows. Their staff want to come into the office each day because they enjoy it. That is part of the reason why these companies are as successful as they are.

Campuses like the ones that are set up at Google give employees the opportunity to interact with one another. While you may not have as much money to spend on your office as Google, there are still things that you can do to set up a positive working environment.

1. Provide Benefits to Employees

If you want to draw in the best talent and keep them away from your competitors, you have to have benefits that your competition does not. These benefits can be something tangible or something intangible. For example, allowing your employees to earn commission based on their performance is very motivating to some people. Making it clear that there is opportunity for advancement is something else that is very important. There are also small extras that you can offer, like a coffee bar, casual dress Friday, and extra vacation days.

The benefits you provide don’t have to be huge. Employees simply want to know that they are valued and they look forward to working in a place where they smile more often than not.

2. Look beyond the Resume

There are times that someone can look great on paper but they just aren’t the right fit for your business. It is important to look beyond the resume and consider whether someone is a good fit for your team in more ways than one. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how intelligent a person is; if they don’t fit in with your team, and they create stress in the working environment, it is not worth it to hire them. Your staff is a reflection on you and your company. If they work in sync with one another, you’ll be in good shape going forward. Check out recruiting experts such as an agency for marketing recruitment in London.

3. Get More Done

How can you help your staff be more productive? By setting up a positive working environment, of course! Boring, drab decor gets people down and keeps them from living up to their potential. There are a few ways that you can splash up your work space, starting with some simple tips. First, make sure you put up artwork or pictures and add plants into the space. Both are nice to look at and plants serve the added function of improving the air quality. Make sure a lot of natural light flows into the space. Create areas where staff can congregate and talk to one another. Put in an individual pod; this gives people the option of having some privacy if there is an important task they need to check off their list. Keep the main working area open; do not divide it with cubicles. Make sure that everyone can see one another!